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Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 12-05-2023, 07:41 PM:
Looks just about like I've said before, he's going to be another Enos Kanter. They've got to do something to make sure the Kansas and Dukes aren't beaten by the UK's of this world. Like has been said, the 28th of November was a deadline for them to make a decision, but only they can ignore their own rules. There is no one who ranks over the NCAA so they don't really need any rules because they don't really apply to them. I would love to see the top 5 conferences to tell them to shove it. Then go start their own governing body.
Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 12-10-2023, 10:20 PM:
Everyone keeps talking about him still being a part of the team and he eventually will be approved. They got more faith in the NCAA than me. I still feel he will be another Enos Kantor The second UK player who never stepped on the floor.
Posted by m hamilton (Member # 127) on 12-22-2023, 09:49 AM:
Yeah, the entire situation is coming down to the wire. He's left for home, and even though they are saying he'll be back before the Ill St. game. I'll be surprised if he's back on UK campus after the holiday break!
Posted by Old Norm (Member # 1482) on 01-05-2024, 01:41 PM:
It's probably just me, but I've read this a half dozen times, and still have no clue who you guys are talking about. What did I miss?
Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 01-07-2024, 09:26 PM:
Norm, we have a signed 7'2" kid from I believe some european country, maybe Croatia. He can do it all including making 3's. The latest I hear is they are investigating his playing in a league in Montenegra for pay. I'm betting he will be ruled ineligible for colleg ball just like Enos Kanter was. If this is so, Cal should be reprimanded for getting the whole Big Blue Nation in a tizzy. If this is so he should have done a better investigation of his own. It's unfair tho the kid to bring him along thinking he was going to be approved. Sounds like Cal was stringing him along just hoping the NCAA didn't find this play for pay that he supposedly did.

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Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 01-20-2024, 05:10 PM:
Looks like I was wrong. Maybe we'll see him a little tonight. Wow! This messes up my record. That makes twice I have been wrong. [Big Grin]

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