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Posted by WHO?UK (Member # 2286) on 04-19-2024, 12:49 PM:
TJ Bamba - Nova 36% From 3
Koby Brea - Dayton 49% From 3
Otega Oweh - Oklahoma 37% From 3
Andrej Stojakovic - Stanford Great slasher could be a better shooter than % show
Amari Williams - Drexel BIG MAN
Aly Khalifa - BYU BIG MAN
Javon Small - OK ST 37% from 3 Slasher
Jeremy Roach - Duke Can do it all 42% From 3
Cade Tyson - Belmont 46% From 3
Great Osobor - Utah St Big Man
David Coit - Northern Illinois 5'10" ball of lightning 20 Ppg
Brendan Hausen - Nova 38% From 3
Baba Miller - FSU BIG Man
Andrew Carr - Wake 37% From 3
Aidan Mahaney - St Marys 35% From 3
Brandon Garrison - OK ST Big Man
Pop Isaacs - Tex Tech Slasher
Jonas Aidoo - UT Big Man

Im seeing a trend the overwhelming majority of Coach Pope's list are shooters. The rest are big Men Bruisers and Im sure they can pass if he wants them to function in the Zoom Action.

Only outliers were a couple slashers. Most dont count Andrej Stojakovic (Peja's son) as a slasher even though thats what his numbers show. He as asked to create a lot of his own offense at Stanford. Im sure he can shoot.
Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 05-01-2024, 06:29 PM:
This list isn't much help anymore. We signed 5 of them and 8 of them went to other schools leaving only 5 of them left to recruit.

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