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Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 11-17-2023, 02:02 PM:
Channel 18 sports tonight said we now have 4 recruits for next year. Jaden Quainte3nce has signed a LOI and will be another Cat. I believe he is the biggest one of the brothers. It wouldn't surprise me to see his brother sign also in the next week. Remember what we almost did when we had two brothers on the team. This gives us 2 big guys for next year plus any of the 3 we currently have. If all 3 were to come back we could field a team of all 5's. Cal wouldn't know whether to go crazy or S*** his pants [Eek!] [Big Grin]

"""Jayden Quaintance, a Top 5 HS basketball player in the 2024 class commits to KENTUCKY

MONSTER get for John Calipari as Quaintance is a legit 6'10 with insane skill. Better: At 16-years-old, he'll be in college for two years

Major talent as UK in the midst of ANOTHER elite class"""
Posted by catmandoo (Member # 1284) on 11-21-2023, 06:20 PM:
Sounds good, real good.

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