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Posted by rlt4uk (Member # 3194) on 08-29-2023, 12:39 PM:
am I the only one having trouble logging on to the TCD on their phone? whenever I try and log on it says this is an unsccure sight.
Posted by CatfanRick (Member # 126) on 08-29-2023, 02:07 PM:
I rarely log in using my phone so I haven't noticed how that does but when I log in on my computer it tells me on the address line that it is "Not Secure". My guess is that this is just not a secure site no matter where or how you log in. Other than an email address, and mine is exclusive to this site, I can't imagine anything of value posted here, at least not as part of The Cats Domain. I guess someone could include something sensitive in a post but that would be open to public view anyway.

We have kept the membership blocked for several years now because fake members just go crazy if we allow open membership. I guess one of those automatic programs just creates users by the hundreds. Can't imagine the purpose of that other than to just do it.

rlt, I don't know much how these things work but maybe someone more tech than I can add to this.
Posted by GA Cat (Member # 642) on 08-30-2023, 10:19 AM:
Essentially, this site is limited because the software is an old CGI based discussion board that dates back to about 20 years.

We could try to upgrade it to a more current free bulletin board software, but we may lose a lot of information like maybe requiring everyone to register again or potentially lose all posts, etc. May not be possible to upgrade at all. May have to just install a new system and start over.
Posted by Tiptree (Member # 844) on 08-30-2023, 10:29 AM:
Looks like the SSL certificate for the site is expired, thus the "not secure" issue. That means anything we type in (including our password) can potentially be seen by internet miscreants. Some browsers will not allow you to go to a non-SSL site.

A certificate costs around $100 per year; maybe if we pitch in we can convince the owner of our server to renew the cert?
Posted by rlt4uk (Member # 3194) on 08-30-2023, 03:04 PM:
Thanks for the help guys. I'll just have to check in with my laptop because my phone will not let me.
Posted by rlt4uk (Member # 3194) on 09-06-2023, 12:55 PM:
I finally got logged back in. YAY!!!
Posted by CatfanRick (Member # 126) on 09-07-2023, 07:15 AM:
[Big Grin]
Posted by GA Cat (Member # 642) on 03-23-2024, 11:29 PM:
I think I fixed it so that phones should work now.

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