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Posted by country cat (Member # 1774) on 09-16-2023, 09:57 PM:
what is the hold up on him
Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 09-17-2023, 07:40 PM:
I don't know but there are all kinds of excuses out there.
Posted by shoe (Member # 1830) on 09-18-2023, 09:36 PM:
I hear it's the admission department. Heard he was going to go to Depaul.

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Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 09-23-2023, 08:42 PM:
What I have read about that.

He has passed an english test but it is not the one UK uses for all foreign students. According to them he must pass their test to be enrolled. Right now he is down to just a few days to get it done or he won't be able to enroll this semester. Looks like if someone doesn't work out something he will be forced to go to another school that will admit him quickly.

They have already wasted probably 2 weeks doing nothing. Sounds li8ke someone in the process is not interested in trying to find a way to get this done. I'm not too surprised about that.
Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 09-25-2023, 05:39 PM:
Haven't seen anything in the news about him. I guess we'll lose him to another school that knows how to get hard things accomplished.
Posted by jerseycat (Member # 9) on 09-28-2023, 09:02 AM:
I don't know but it seems unbelievable to me that neither Cal nor our AD had this ironed out with admissions or whoever they needed it to be.
Posted by handycat (Member # 2323) on 10-04-2023, 10:38 AM:
He’s in.

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Posted by rlt4uk (Member # 3194) on 10-04-2023, 02:43 PM:
Who's going to lose playing time for him to get minutes.
Posted by GA Cat (Member # 642) on 10-04-2023, 03:17 PM:
I would expect to see him at the 4 spot.
Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 10-04-2023, 09:04 PM:
Sounds good that he may be in now. But all of the words in this article are old words we have seen before. I'm waiting for some new talk about the player.
Posted by handycat (Member # 2323) on 10-05-2023, 12:22 PM:
Assuming all our bigs are back and healthy, I believe he will have limited playing time this year. But then again, I was wrong once years ago.
Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 10-05-2023, 02:28 PM:
I remember that time well. I believe you stated that Billy G. is gonna be a great coach! [Razz]
Posted by handycat (Member # 2323) on 10-05-2023, 02:59 PM:
You’re exaggerating again Bama. I said he was going to be a “good” one.
Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 10-06-2023, 02:28 PM:
[Big Grin] [Roll Eyes] [Eek!]

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