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Posted by Tiptree (Member # 844) on 08-02-2022, 07:44 AM:
I am getting pumped for the upcoming football season! Sure wish Ron'dale was still here, but I think Levis will have an outstanding year. Good run game, good pass game, good offensive line, great QB... the pieces are there to be able to score on our SEC foes.

Defensively, I look for another solid unit, hopefully with improved pass defense over last year. If we can get the same kind of consistent defense (with lots of QB pressure), I can see us challenging Georgia for the SEC East.
Posted by rlt4uk (Member # 3194) on 08-02-2022, 12:23 PM:
Tiptree, I'm excited about the upcoming season, but my expectations are limited because of our defensive coordinator. I believe we'll beat who we're supposed to beat, i.e. all of the nonconference games, Vanderbilt, Missouri, South Carolina,Florida and possibly Mississippi state. That's nine wins and I should be happy but until we can beat Georgia, and Tennessee consistently I can't get my hopes to high.
Posted by handycat (Member # 2323) on 08-03-2022, 12:22 PM:
Looking forward to Sept 3rd. That one, against Miami Ohio, probably won’t tell us much about this years team. The following week at Florida will give us a better idea of good we will be this year.

IMO, Stoops has turned Kentucky football around. We may never be National champs in my lifetime but there are few games, if any, where we won’t compete.
Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 08-03-2022, 07:49 PM:
I just wonder if I'll miss not being at the edge of the field after being there for 8 years? I officially retired and don't plan to work anywhere again. Watching the games from my recliner will be different.
Posted by catmandoo (Member # 1284) on 08-10-2022, 01:58 PM:
Bama, you will adjust sooner than you think.
Posted by Trey Ball (Member # 332) on 08-14-2022, 10:26 PM:
Originally posted by handycat:
Looking forward to Sept 3rd. That one, against Miami Ohio, probably won’t tell us much about this years team.

I fully expect UK to win this game, but Miami (OH) is the best team in the MAC this year (hard for me to type that since they are my Alma Maters main rival). If UK handles Miami (OH) with ease that will be a statement in my opinion.

Most years, the best team in the MAC can generally hang around for three quarters and even pull the occasional upset against a Power 5 school. UK actually plays the two best teams in the MAC this year since I believe they have Northern Illinois on the schedule as well.

Unfortunately, Ball State is picked to finish last in the MAC this year after two very successful seasons. They get to go to Tennessee to open the season and get beat by 50 probably.

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Posted by rlt4uk (Member # 3194) on 09-01-2022, 07:25 PM:
I bought two tickets today for Saturdays game against Miami OH. Fifty yard line seats sect 226, 10th row.
Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 09-03-2022, 12:19 PM:
Great seats. Sure am glad I made the decision to quit the game day job with all the rain expected.
Posted by catmandoo (Member # 1284) on 09-03-2022, 06:11 PM:
Cats first game is tonight against Miami of Ohio
Posted by rlt4uk (Member # 3194) on 09-04-2022, 05:33 PM:
Bamacat, I'm extremely grateful that the rain held off until after the game.

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