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Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 04-27-2023, 09:00 PM:
Oh my! Did we over rate Wil Levis? Looks like he didn't make one of the first 6 picks. That's why I have a reluctance to believe all the hype over the BB draft picks. Wil is just not as good as all the hype around Lexington.
Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 04-27-2023, 09:37 PM:
Wow! 1 1/2 hours into the draft and no Wil Levis. His play last year just didn't impress many people outside of central Kentucky. Will he be picked in the first round?
Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 04-27-2023, 10:06 PM:
Man, maybe Wil should learn how to play on the O line or D line. 2 hours into the draft and Wil must be asleep by now. I'm gonna have to shut down for the night pretty soon. Thought he was going to be drafted in the first hour easily.
Posted by Bama Cat (Member # 153) on 04-28-2023, 07:26 AM:
No first round selection! Maybe someone will pick him up in the final round [Wink]
Posted by m hamilton (Member # 127) on 04-28-2023, 10:15 AM:
One thing about it, Tom Brady has proven you don't have to be chosen in the first round to be one of the best to throw around the pigskin!
Posted by catmandoo (Member # 1284) on 05-05-2023, 11:44 AM:
Good point MH

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